Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Monday, September 9, 2013

Five Seed Almond Bars

I start every day with a jumbo mug of coffee & cream and a five seed almond bar from Trader Joe's. They have just the right balance of salty and sweet, chewy with a slight crunch and only have 110 calories/bar (or 3 points for those doing WW).  Are you sold yet?  Anyhow, a bag of 8-10 bars is $3.99 and we easily go through 2/week. Each time I pick up a few bags, I feel wasteful, so today I did a first attempt at recreating them.  I modified this recipe from Cannella Vita, a la Seedsproutsavor but without a food processor, the raisins didn't become quite the paste I'd hoped.  I used a combination of chia, sunflower, pepitas, flax and poppy seeds.  Golden raisins and flax oil.  Next time I'll put a tad of molasses and a pinch of ginger!